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Who pays for MCF Australia?

MCF is funded by free-will donations from its members and members of the public. Donations can be sent to the MCF office:

MCF Australia
Department of Defence
Campbell Park Offices,
CP4-1-094 (MDP9412)
Canberra, ACT, 2600

ADF members can make allotments to MCF (allotee number 122), or funds can be transferred directly from your bank account to the MCF account with DEFCREDIT (BSB 803205 Member

Your contribution will help support the work of MCF within the Australian
Defence Force.

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Welcome to the
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We are working to provide you with great resources for evangelism and growth.

Please contribute to the site and make regular visits to see the latest input from across Australia and the world!

Do you want to encourage and support for Australian Defence Force personnel on deployment? Pray for them and encourage your fellowship to pray for them.

Prayer Bulletins


Send a mate a deployment pack. Packs contain Mark's Gospel, a series of Bible Studies in Mark's Gospel, a pamphlet explaining how to become a Christian, and a card with the MCF Prayer. Packs are small enough to slip into webbing. Good for personal devotions, great for giving away!


Need a new brew mug?
MCF mugs are available now.


For more information or to join MCF-A please email the MCF office or phone our office on:

+61 2 6266 4950 (international)

or 02 6266 4950 (within Australia)
hair australia

Deployment packs are available from the MCF Office

Send one to a mate who is on deployment with the ADF, or ask the office to send it for you. (If you want the MCF Office to send a pack for you, please remember to provide your mate's full address - including rank and unit.)

MCF News in your email?

MCF News is available in email format. If you want to keep up with what is happening with MCF Australia request your copy of MCF News now!

Join MCF Australia

Membership of MCF Australia is open to members of the ADF and employees of the ADO. Associate membership is open to others interested in encouraging Christians in the ADF.

MCF Member Update Form On-line

You can now send your update details to MCF Office online.